Same-Day Crowns

Only a single appointment is required to restore damaged teeth with natural-looking ceramic crowns
Same-Day Crowns

Walk out with a beautiful new smile after just one visit

The doctors at Dental Associates of North Alabama are trained specialists who can replace a missing tooth or strengthen a weakened tooth with a dental crown that leaves your smile looking 100% natural in just one day. Crowns traditionally require multiple visits to the dentist, a two-week turnaround time for the permanent crown, and a temporary restoration in the meantime. Using the CEREC system, we can design and manufacture your ceramic tooth restorations while you wait, and for a lot less.
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About Same-Day Crowns

With our CEREC machine, our doctor will use CAD/CAM technology to design and create your customized crown. Then using your highly precise, digital impressions, the machine will mill a piece of porcelain into your customized restoration in just minutes.

How does the innovative CEREC® system make Same-Day Crowns possible?

The Dental Associates of North Alabama offers cutting-edge innovation featuring the CEREC ultramodern system. The CEREC system can make natural-colored, custom dental crowns based on digital impressions in a single appointment. It uses modern CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing) technologies, incorporating a camera, medical grade computer and milling machine in one smooth process.

For you, the patient, it means spending less time in the chair with less discomfort and ever improving, high-quality results. 

How long is the single appointment for Same-Day Crowns?

The entire process, on average, lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The steps are as follows:

1. The doctor will remove any decayed tissue or defective fillings. 

2. A 3D image of the tooth is then created using a CEREC camera.

3. The restoration is designed on the monitor of the CEREC acquisition unit.

4. The CEREC milling unit machines the custom restoration out of a ceramic block.

5. The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth.

What are the benefits of Same-Day Crowns?

Same-Day Crowns are made in one single dental appointment

Your treatment will have predictable and fast results

No need for a temporary tooth – you walk out with a permanent, natural-looking healthy smile

Same-Day Crowns are long lasting and extremely durable

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